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Family is special.
— Road to Allen Walker

Road Kamelot (ロード・キャメロット, Rōdo Kyamerotto) is the ninth disciple of the Noah Family and is the current incarnation of Road (ロード, Rōdo).

Road Kamelot represents the "Dreams" (ロード, Yume) of Noah, and was the only member of the Noah Family other than the The Earl of Millennium to survive Nea D. Campbell's attack thirty-five years ago. She is the adoptive daughter of Sheril Kamelot, the adoptive sister of Wisely Kamelot, and adoptive niece of Tyki Mikk.


Despite being the one of the oldest members of the Noah, Road looks to be somewhere in her early to mid-teens.[2]

She has purple-blue, spiky hair, as well as dark eyes, which turn amber when she is in her Noah form. Unlike the other members of the Noah Family, she and her brother Wisely have two irises: one inside the other. When not in her Noah form, her skin is quite pale.

Initially, she typically wore Gothic-Punk Lolita style dresses, and occasionally her school uniform. However, since the Noah Family started wearing their white uniforms, Road wears a short white dress with purple ribbons wrapped around her arms, as well as ripped, stripy stockings.

Road can also take the form of a doll, allowing her to easily conceal herself and be carried by an ally.[3][4] While in this form, she retains her abilities and can still speak and move, and she still resembles her regular form.


Road has a colorful and erratic personality, ranging from playful and sweet to sadistic and secretive. She does, however, always behave in a mock-childish manner, despite the fact that she is more than thirty-five years old.[5]

Road can be extremely affectionate, cherishing her family, particularly those of the Noah Family, above all else. She has a childlike need to be entertained at all times, usually by the Earl of Millennium or Lero and occasionally by Tyki Mikk as well. She maintains a deep fondness for Allen Walker, kissing him[6] and comforting him[4] on two separate occasions. She's also extremely protective of those she cares for, willing to endanger her own life to keep them safe.[7]

Despite this, she has also shown signs of sadism and seems to enjoy the suffering of others. She has tortured multiple people, including stabbing Allen's left eye with her candles,[8] killing an Akuma subordinate just to anger him,[9] and nailing Miranda Lotto's hands to a clock.[10] Road also detests normal humans, which she considers to be below herself.[8]

Even more dangerous is when Road's affection turns into possessiveness, eliciting a sadistic response when someone harms those that she cares for. This is best illustrated by her rage after Allen attempted to exorcise the Noah within Tyki Mikk; despite her affection for Allen, she chose to punish him first by attempting to break his friend's mind,[11] and then by urging Allen to kill him.[12]

Road has also displayed a more serious, concerned side when it comes to family matters; especially the case of Nea and the Earl.

Personal Statistics[]

Statistics Previous[13] Current[14]
Sophistication 3 5
Humanity 1 2
Combat Ability 5 3
Mental 4 5
Flexibility 4 5
Extra Statistics
Skinship 5 5


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