D.Gray-man Encyclopedia

Major Battles[]

  • Road Kamelot and her Akumas VS Allen Walker and Lenalee Lee
  • Road Kamelot and Tyki Mikk VS Kevin Yeegar
  • Road Kamelot VS Lavi and Allen Walker
  • Road Kamelot and Tyki Mikk VS Apocryphos


  • (To Allen before leaving The Rewinding City): You're so nice, Allen~ You hate me, don't you? Don't shoot. Your hand is also a weapon, Allen. But an Exorcist crying because an Akuma disappeared is a big no-no. If you act like that, no one will like you. Let's play again sometime, Allen.
  • (About Jasdevi): Bonds that are too strong create flaws over time.
  • (Weeping after Skinn Bolic's death): I guess... Noah can cry.
  • (To Allen who wounded Tyki): You know, though I like you Allen, family is special... This kind of feeling is the same as yours, Allen. Don't move. I am not quite myself at the moment. Do you want to see holes open up in the bodies of your companions?
  • (To Allen): "Don't stop, keep walking". The words Nea left for Mana... Nea fought for Mana but it's ...a secret. (vanishes)


  • Road enjoys making fun of Akuma, pranks, fashion and collecting cute things. She likes candies (she also notes that Timcanpy looks like he would be tasty[1]), annoying Allen and spending time with the Earl and her family. She dislikes humans and the Heart's accomodators.[2] [3]
  • The Noah name Road comes from the fact that she is the "road" between dimensions.
  • She came 8th at the first popularity poll, 9th at the second and third and 8th again at the fourth. [4]
  • For Katsura Hoshino, Road's image-color is pink.
  • Road was drawn with a boyish appearance at first. As a consequence, readers sent questions to ask if she is a boy or a girl. She slowly became more girlish as Hoshino thought of her as cute and adorable. [5]
  • Hoshino decided to make her look more mature so she changed her bangs. Her former hairstyle was quite difficult to draw. [5]


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