D.Gray-man Encyclopedia

Rules: Edits


  • Use present-tense
    • This is for uniformity, as we prefer all articles to have a uniform layout and style, but it is also the generally accepted standard for academic articles and essays
  • Avoid "purple prose"
    • The 'Story' section is not an invitation to write a story or act as a 'tour guide' to a reader. It is a place to leave a long summary of factual events, without embellishment or supposition or unnecessary detail. A few example phrases to avoid: "We open onto the scene of -", "It is only when -", "The scene transitions into one of -". In other words, it is enough to say 'Allen stands in his bedroom', and it is not necessary to say 'We open onto a scene of Allen, standing alone in an ornate bedroom filled with many luxurious trappings, as his viridian eyes glisten in the low light of the sunrise'.
    • tl;dr Please do not say in a paragraph what can be said in a sentence
  • Do not use discriminatory language (or curse words)
    • Slurs and hate speech will not be tolerated, and generally problematic language is not allowed. By this we mean referring to gay people as 'gays' or women as 'girls', for example
    • We do not allow cursing, as all areas of the wiki must be family-friendly; this is because the series attracts a variety of fans, including children
  • Use edit summaries
    • We expect clear and transparent explanations, and these are universally appreciated. Please state what you changed and why. This helps others to see what's changed on a glance. Please DO NOT use edit summaries to insult the work of others
  • Please use references
    • Please add references, whether it is for stats, trivia or story (if a fact cannot be verified by an admin, it may be removed due to its inability to be verified)
    • Everything you post should have a reference to prove it objectively true. If you have trouble understanding how to properly format references, please ask a member of staff


  • Only include facts that can be referenced
    • If you cannot provide a reference on request, and/or the information inserted is proven to be false, then local administrators reserve the right to issue an official warning. Will will not accept assumptions about canon material, so statements using "supposedly", "presumably", etc. will not be allowed
  • Do not insult others' work
    • There will be times a rewrite is necessary, such as if the original is unreadable or too brief. It is acceptable to correct grammar, add information (or remove incorrect information), add references, or make necessary edits, but we do not wish to discourage or dissuade other editors by insulting their work, be this to them directly, or by using edit summaries
  • Do not "edit war"
    • If someone reverts your edit, particularly a local moderator or administrator, please do not revert their revert and instead contact an administrator immediately; we will personally assess the reasons for the edit and the revert, before deciding which shall stay

Rules: New Articles

  • Articles must have "notable" content
    • Please read: Notability - Similar to that of the Uncharted Wiki, an article must only be created when it has the potential to be both expanded and valuable to the wiki
    • Notability requirements must be satisfied by a topic meeting one or more of the following criteria:
      1. The topic is important to the ​D.Gray-man series
      2. The topic is unique or distinct to the ​D.Gray-man series​
      3. The topic has inherent potential for article growth
  • All articles must have content
    • When creating an article, it must have content. It's okay if it's just a paragraph or two, but we cannot accept place-holder articles, very short stubs, or something only a sentence.

Rules: Images

  • Do not post fan-art
    • We cannot allow - for copyright issues and desire for uniformity - pictures from any source that is not the official licensing companies or Katsura Hoshino.
  • Do not post sexually explicit images
    • We must obey the ToS of Fandom, and we also strive to keep our wiki a PG/General rating. This includes any explicit scenes from the franchise itself.
  • Clearly label images in English
    • Make sure the name is not already in use, and change the name if it clashes with another name. The image name must also describe the image enough that it can be found by others on a search
  • Do not post too many images in an article
    • Please do not post too many images; this will vary from article to article, but generally we will deem "too many" as being an amount that disrupts the flow of the text and/or makes formatting the article difficult. Make sure there is a decent amount of space between each image, and make sure not to make the image too big in height or width


  • Please gain moderator or admin approval to create a template
    • This is due to an influx of redundant, broken, or unused templates that may confuse editors