D.Gray-man Encyclopedia

Rules: General Interaction

  • Be civil to other users at all times
    • Never resort to personal insults, aggression, or revealing personal information; even if you have a valid point, we must officially warn - or even ban - any user that creates a hostile environment
  • Assume good faith
    • Try to consider that the person on the other end of the discussion is a thinking, rational being who is trying to positively contribute to the project . . . even if something seems like "trolling" or "vandalism", can sometimes be borne from a lack of knowledge about wiki
  • When in doubt, talk to the admins
    • We're always happy to help settle dispute and answer questions; we aim to be objective, weigh up all sides, and come to an impartial decision in all matters
  • No harassment on/off site
    • If there is proof that users have been harassing members of our wiki community, providing there is evidence that cannot be disputed, we will also block on these grounds

Rules: Fanworks

  • No fanworks
    • No articles can contain links to off-site fan-materials (especially download links)
    • Articles on fanworks will be deleted on sight
    • Fanworks must not be used in any form; no fanart in galleries, fanfiction in articles, etc.
  • No promotion of unofficial works
    • This includes the works of others, and includes anything on Discuss or comments. This also includes scanlations, or fan-subbed works; only ever link to official materials

Rules: Comments

  • Comments are about wiki/articles only
    • Please only use the comment section to discuss issues related to the relevant page, such as incorrect information or formatting errors or grammar mistakes. Comments are not a place to be social, or to discuss the article topic in a general sense
  • Do not delete admin warnings
    • These exist as a record of past behaviour

Rules: Duplicate Accounts

  • Do not "sock puppet"
    • While we have no general issue with multiple accounts, they must not be abused; this means you cannot pretend to be a different person on each account, and if one account is banned then all accounts are banned (the block is on the user, not the account)

Rules: Bots

  • Do not use bots without admin permission
    • A consensus has been reached between administrators that permission must be obtained before any user attempts to use a bot on the wiki. This is for several reasons: a) we have a bot that we use for mass edits, b) it can artificially inflate one's edit count, and c) there are many variables that can make such bots go awry, which leaves work for our editors, moderators, and administrators

Rules: Blocks/Bans

Temporary Blocks/Bans

  • Warnings for minor infractions
    • If you have broken a rule, especially those that relate to general interaction, you may receive an official warning by our administrators detailing the infraction. This will be at the discretion of administrators according to intent, past records, and the nature of the infraction
    • If you have received a warning, you may receive a second warning and/or a temporary ban, depending on the nature of the infraction, at the discretion of the administrator
    • If you get three warnings, we will implement a ban for an appropriate amount of time proportionate to the infraction type. This may be permanent depending on the nature of the infraction

Permanent Blocks/Bans

  • Permanent ban for abuse of others
    • We cannot stress enough that this community must be a safe space for all people. If anyone is caught engaging in hate speech, harassment, or verbal abuse, then we will implement a permanent ban and we will not accept appeals on this decision. You must not attack others.
  • Persistent rule-breaking
    • On your third ban, you will be permanently banned from the wiki


  • You may only appeal minor infractions
    • Rules related to "general interaction" are considered to be major infractions
  • How to appeal?
    • We will always leave you a message to explain why you were blocked, which you may reply to via your wall, and you may usually leave new messages on your wall, which the banning administrator will be watching and will be alerted to any new message of appeal
    • You are also entitled to leave one message of appeal via Community Central, on the personal message walls of the banning administrator (or another administrator of your choice)