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Sammo Han Won (サモ・ハン・ウォン, Samo Han Won) is the Assistant Branch Head of the Asian Branch of the Black Order, serving under Branch Head Bak Chang.


Sammo Han is a tall man who wears his white hair oddly; the sides being stuck out in two, thick spikes and the top in somewhat of a topnot with an odd curl. He also sports a Donegal-style beard, and his eyes are almost always shadowed by his thick eyebrows.


He is very loyal to the order and Bak and is "responsible" to restrain him when he is attacked by For for no apparent reason. He also cares for Bak whenever he breaks out in hives during to his nervous reactions. At which point he over-exaggerates Bak's condition and begs him not to die. At first glance, Won appears gruff and intimidating, but he is actually emotional and sensitive and gets desperate easily, even crying at some points.

Personal Statistics[]

Sophistication 4
Humanity 4
Work Ability 3
Mental 3
Flexibility 4
Extra Statistics
Worrywart 5


Edo and Asian Branch Arc[]

Won was sent by him to take Miranda to the group of Exorcists searching for General Cross Marian as a replacement for Allen. He does not tell them that Allen is alive, possibly due to his own improper wording or simply because he was ordered to do so.[2]

He then returns to the Asian Branch and helps to heal Allen. He arrives in his room to change his bandages but he discovers that Allen is gone. For apologizes to him. [3] They finally find him in the gate's room with Bak. Sammo is particulary relieved. [4] He takes care of Bak during his urticaria crisis while he explains Allen how Innocence works. He later assists Allen's training with For. He stays with Bak when the Level 3 attacks.

Noah's ark arc[]

At the end of the arc, Won is seen running in the direction of the exorcists. He enters the Ark with Bak.

Artificial exorcists arc[]

He is here when Kanda visits the Asian Branch.


  • Sammo Han likes housework and people that need to be taken care of and dislikes Bak's enemies.[5]
  • Sammo carries Bak's baby book. [6]
  • Sammo is one of the favourite characters of Ayumu Murase, Allen's japanese voice actor.[7]
  • Sammo doesn't appear in D.Gray-man Hallow even though he is present in the manga chapters of the adapted arc.


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