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The Saying Goodbye to Allen Walker Arc is the eighteenth story arc of the D.Gray-man manga series which is written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.

It starts at chapter 226 and is currently on-going.


Tight Reunion[]

Following Allen's capture by Tiedoll in his coach, Kanda opens the curtains to the captive exorcist. Despite Kanda and Johnny seemingly wanting to help him, Allen still wants to be left alone as he is afraid he would put his friends in danger. Tiedoll eventually urges Kanda to tell Allen the truth. After asking about Apocryphos, Kanda presents the remains of Timcanpy to a shocked Allen. [1][2] After regaining his senses Allen opens an ark gate to escape again but Kanda rushes on him and is transported as well[3].


They end up in Edinstown next to the grave of Allen. After an argument, Allen eventually talks things through and lets his feelings out. [4] Allen starts narrating his story to Kanda. [5]

Story Impact[]

  • Kanda and Tiedoll reveal Timcanpy's demise to Allen.
  • Kanda and the reader learn about Allen's backstory in detail.



Saying Goodbye to Allen Walker Arc

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