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Searching for A.W./"D"

Searching for A.W

Chapter Information
Release Date December 29, 2012
Magazine Jump Square
Arc Searching for A.W. arc
Volume By your side
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Searching for A.W./One Seat Empty
Searching for A.W. - He Has Forgotten Love

Searching for A.W./"D" is the 218 chapter of the D.Gray-man (Manga) series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.


A shocked Allen looks to The Earl of Millennium. The Earl suddenly takes a balloon from his jacket and starts to blow it. Allen is in shock to see the Earl, which reminds him that the Earl told him that he was going to leave him to serve as bait to lure out the Apocryphos. The gadget Johnny made starts to zap Allen twice. Allen is trying to get rid of the gadget but suddenly gets attacked by the Earl's space hopper. The Earl goes crazy transforming into a huge madmen saying to Nea asking him why he is running away. Allen is trying to make his Innocence move but it can't. Allen then sees that the Earl has gone far too weird which he thinks that the Earl has lost his senses and that it has something to do with Nea. Johnny then appears to the place where Allen is fighting the Earl which Allen shouts to Johhny that he must stay back. Allen then gets slammed hard into the wall and the face of Mana starts to appears saying Nea's name and starts to cry. The Earl unleashes another attack on Allen but he was saved by Johnny. Allen tells Johnny to get away from him but Johnny says that he can't. Mana is staring at Allen and Johnny thinking about what he had said to Nea. He then asks Johnny who he is and shouted at Allen and Johnny who were then blown away. Allen and Mana then make eye contact with each other and the memories came back to Allen. The Earl then tells Allen that he is "Mana" and tells him that Mana is the cause of everything.


  • This is the last chapter of the monthy Jump Square before the hiatus and the transfer to the special quarterly issue: SQ Crown.


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