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Shiropin is a supernatural being in Zone that grants others immortality by attaching himself to them when they die, giving them a "new life" in a similar way to a video game. He is the nemesis of The Earl of Millennium.


Shiropin is a small humanoid creature with a big chestnut-like head. It has big eyes with dark sclera and glowing pupilless irises. Behind his head is an appendage ending with a sphere. His mouth is sewn but that doesn't prevent him from opening it. His limbs display minimal features having few fingers. There is a mark on his belly.



From a place hundred of light years away, he sealed away those who attacked his planet (including the Earl of Millennium along with their technologies) and threw them into a black hole. However it was pulled away by the sun's gravity and became the moon. From then on, the Earl tried to corrupt the moon prison and then the earth so Shiropin used zombies to stop him.



  • Shiropin's power works in a way similar to Innocence needing to synchronize with someone to use its full potential. Additionally the person needs to use his power to make him take shape like Timothy Hearst's Tsukikami.