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Sister (院長先生, Inchō sensei)[1] is the unnamed Mother Superior of the Hearst Orphan asylum.


She is an aged woman wearing glasses and the typical black monastic habit with a headdress and a cross pendant. She has a mole on the forehead which is hidden by the headdress.


The Mother is a very kind woman having dedicated her life to the orphan children. She is reassuring, making sure Timothy doesn't worry about his peculiar forehead. When she was caught by the Akuma's power she immediately and selflessly told the others to run away.

Allen Walker has noted that she reminded him of Mana.


She has held the orphanage for a long time. At some point the orphanage started to have monetary issues which threatened to close it, and she was very worried about what would happen to the children. When Galmar entrusted her with Timothy she took him to a doctor to examine his strange forehead. The doctor explained there is no way to remove the crystal so she told Timothy that as long as it doesn't prevent him from washing his face there is no problem.


Reverend Mother received a gift letter (from G) before the exorcists arrive. She welcomed them and informed them about Timothy's past. Then Kanda stated that they would take Timothy to the Order to which she replied they can't force him to go. At this moment, the orphanage is sent to the dimension created by the skulls and the level 4 attacks.[2] She wonders if the level 4 is an angel to the negation of the Akuma. She takes the children and tries to take refuge downstairs but she is made into a doll by the power of a level 2 Akuma. Later the Akuma is defeated and she returns to normal.

After the battle she awakes beside Timothy and the other children and assures them she is fine.[3] She is later seen in a garden with Timothy. They talk about their future separation with tears of emotion. Mother would temporarily move to London and stay with Father Federico.


  • She enjoys going on picnics. She likes children and football and dislikes giving up. She needs a smile and letters from Timothy.[4]
  • "Inchō sensei" could literally be translated as "teacher director".


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