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Taiyo Yamamoto is the main character of Katsura Hoshino's one-shot Continue. He can be the base for Jean of D.Gray-man , they both do have the same character outline wearing a aviators hat with the goggles pushed up and evenly has roller skates.


Jean is a japanese boy of average height for his age. He has an aviator hat that covers his straight somewhat spiky brown hair. He has chestnut rather large eyes. He wears goggles over the hat and rollers. Taiyo has large trousers and generally wears sleeveless shirts.


Taiyo is a very energic hot-blooded boy continuously looking for excitement. He really loves adventures and does very hazardous things like bungee jumping from the school roof or fighting a gorilla in a boxing match. Taiyo seems very careless and doesn't pay attention when people tell him he will end up dying, stating that he doesn't want to die but doesn't want to stop neither. He appears to believe that he is the hero of some video game even before his encounter with Shiropin.