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Seven thousand years ago, there were thirteen apostles of Noah:[1] The Earl of Millennium was the first apostle.[2] After his defeat in a battle against an unnamed opponent wielding the "Heart", the remaining twelve apostles repopulated the Earth (after it had been wiped out by the Great Flood).[2] As a result, they became the progenitors of the human race, which meant that the genes of the Noah lie dormant in every human.[2] Once in an age, these genes awaken within twelve people who will then become the Earl's Apostles; they will protect him, as well aid him in his war against Innocence.[2]

One time, during those seven thousand years the Earl disappeared from the world. One day, as the Earl stood weeping next to Cornelia, he met Katerina Eve Campbell,[3] when all of a sudden he vanished, splitting into two babies. They were both adopted by Katerina and given the names Mana D. Campbell and Nea D. Campbell and - like peas in a pod - were raised by her as twin brothers.[4]


The Earl mutilating his own face.

After living their lives as brothers for seventeen years, Mana "devoured" Nea in order to fulfil his role as the Earl of Millennium, and destroy the "Heart".[5] Standing tearfully in front of a mirror, he cried out and clawed at it, while his complexion changed to that of a Noah.[6] However, Mana's reflection within the mirror remained the same as before, weeping and constantly apologising for what he did.[7]

The Mana on the outside of the mirror violently clawed at his own face, and blamed the tearful reflection of Mana for everything that had happened, and proclaimed himself as The Earl of Millennium.[8] The Earl declared that his identity as the Earl of Millennium is "more than enough", and told Mana to disappear.[9] With that, the reflection of Mana disappeared, leaving only The Earl, who then destroyed his own face (as it reminded him too much of Mana and Nea).[10]


The Earl kills Nea.

Thirty-five years ago, the Fourteenth betrayed the Noah and attempted to kill The Earl of Millennium, hoping to take his position.[11] However, the attempt failed, and the Earl eventually killed the Fourteenth.[12]

When Mana died, the Earl tricked his adopted son Allen Walker into turning Mana into an Akuma. However, much to the Earl's surprise, Allen had Innocence which activated of its own accord, allowing him to kill Mana's Akuma form. The Earl simply left after this happened instead of killing Allen, an act the Earl later came to question himself about.


Introduction Arc[]

After the death of Claire, the Earl approaches Marc, promising to bring her back to life. Marc falls for the Earl's lies and is turned into an Akuma.[13][14] The Earl meets up with him again some time later, and encourages him to kill more and more humans.[15]

First Meeting with the Earl of Millennium Arc[]

Jan, the son of a Black Order scientist, became interested in Akuma after reading his father's notes. It therefore became his life's goal to become a scientist, so he can create weapons that would instantly kill Akuma.[16] After encountering an Akuma for the first time, and even seeing the Earl's face, he excitedly tells his friend Leo about it.[17]

Unbeknownst to Jan, however, Leo had been turned into an Akuma by the Earl after his mother's death. Therefore, when Jan reveals everything he had seen, Leo takes him to a cemetery where the Earl was waiting to meet them.[18] The Earl tells Jan that Leo has been dead since his mother's funeral, and since Jan had dared to disturb the Earl, Leo would be the one to punish him.[19]

Allen soon arrives at the cemetery, and confirms to Jan that Leo is indeed an Akuma.[20] The Earl wonders who Allen is, before realising he is an Exorcist.[21] When Allen saves Leo from the Akuma and activates his Innocence, he explains that he once tried to bring someone important to him back to life. The Earl then realises he has met Allen before; he was the boy who turned his adoptive father into an Akuma.[22]

The Earl summons an army of Akuma,[23] but when Allen defeats all of them, the Earl retreats, but not before declaring that he would purify the world of its corrupted Gods, and bring the world to an end.[24]

General Yeegar Falls Arc[]

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.

After the defeat of Kevin Yeegar, Tyki gives the Earl all the fragments of Innocence that Yeegar was carrying. The Earl then destroys each one of them, including Yeegar's Innocence. He is disappointed that none of the fragments were the "Heart".

Concludes non-canon section.

Missions Arc (Anime Only)[]

Order in Crisis Arc[]

The Earl meets up with Tyki Mikk[25], and the two have lunch with the rest of the Noah. During their meal, on top of helping Road with her homework, he hands Tyki a list of people he would like to have "deleted".[26]

Lulubell's Attack Arc (Anime Only)[]

The Earl makes several appearances throughout Lulubell arc. He is seen talking to a black cat.

Edo and Asian Branch Arc[]

Tyki, Skinn Bolic, and Jasdevi meet the Earl aboard Noah's Ark in Edo, where he explains to the three of them the origins of the Noah; the Ark is the Noah's original birthplace, as well as being a manufacturing plant for Akuma.[27] He also explains that he plans to part ways with the Ark and move to a different one, before turning to ask the three why they are not out doing their jobs.[28] It is then he finds out that two Generals have infiltrated Edo.[28]

Concerned about General Cross' presence in Edo in particular,[29] the Earl sends out signal to all Akuma in Japan and orders them to attack the Generals.[30][31] He also demands the Noah go to do their assigned jobs.[29]

The Earl watches as the battle rages on between the Exorcists, Noah and Akuma. However, when Kanda and his comrades make their appearance, and it seems like the tables are turning in the Exorcists' favour, the Earl levels the entirety of Edo. [32] As he looks down at the badly injured Exorcists, he notices Lenalee, whose Innocence had formed a shield to protect her. This raises the possibility she has the "Heart", and with this, the Earl casually floats down to her crystallized shield of Innocence and prepares to kill her.[33]

However, at that moment, Allen returns and saves Lenalee.[34] The Earl enters battle with Allen, and notes that Allen's Innocence bears a resemblance to a white-face clown,[35] before retreating back to the Ark, carrying Tyki and Skinn with him.[36]

Noah's Ark Arc[]

When Lero pulls Lenalee, Allen, Lavi, Kanda, Krory, and Chaozii into Noah's Ark, the group try to find an exit before the Ark disappears. Kanda ends up fighting Skinn, and Krory fights Jasdevi, allowing the rest of the group to head onwards until they encounter Tyki and Road. Allen attempts to exorcise the Noah within Tyki, which instead causes him to fully awaken. As Allen and Lavi fight a seemingly losing battle against Tyki, Cross arrives just in time to save them.[37]

Before Cross could injure Tyki any further, the Earl arrives at the old, crumbling Ark to save him.[38] Cross tells the Earl that, thanks to the Fourteenth, the Ark can no longer move from Edo.[39] Not only this, but the Fourteenth had passed on his role as "The Musician" to someone else.[40]

With his back turned, the Earl tells them they are too late, as the heart of the Ark has already been transferred to the new one; even "The Musician" would be powerless to control the old Ark.[40] At that moment, Allen attacks the Earl. Amused, the Earl suggests that Allen's sword is actually his, and also notes the hatred in Allen's eyes.[41] However, Cross stops Allen's attack, allowing the Earl to escape. As he takes his leave, the Earl expresses happiness that Tyki has finally awakened, and then bids the Exorcists farewell.[42]

As soon as Earl returns to the new Ark, he starts playing its piano in order to complete its programming.[43][44] The Earl is ecstatic when he finishes the transfer from the old Ark to the new one, but Lulu Bell notices he is crying, although the Earl denies it.[45]

Invasion of Headquarters Arc[]

The Earl is greatly angered that the transfer from the old Ark to the new was incomplete thanks to the Fourteenth. As a result, 80% of the Akuma Egg was lost.[46] He sends Lulu Bell, equipped with an army of Akuma, to steal back his Akuma Egg from the Black Order.[47]

Some time later, the Earl attends a ball hosted by Sheril Kamelot, but this time he is in his human form.[48] While there, he asks himself why he did not kill Allen when he had the chance, and wonders if it was simply fate.[49] Afterwards, the Earl leaves and buys a flower from a little girl, leaving Tyki to muse that he really does not seem so evil in his human form.[50]

Artificial Exorcists Arc[]

The Earl welcomes Wisely, who had just reincarnated for the first time in thirty-five years.[51] He explains that when the Fourteenth was killed thirty-five years ago, all of the Noah suffered memory damage, and that there has been a huge gap since their last reincarnation.[52] However, Road reveals that she is the only one who has not reincarnated since thirty-five years ago.[53]

Smiling, the Earl expresses his wish for the current generation to put an end to the long war. However, his smile turns to anguish when a memory of the Fourteenth appears in his mind.[54] He clutches his head and falls to his knees, telling Road that he could hear the Fourteenth's voice.[55] Now surrounded by a dark aura, he resolves to "spread the darkness broader".[55] Some time later, in his human form, the Earl approaches the North American Branch along with Road.[56]

The Earl successfully infiltrates the North American Branch and quickly destroys its protective barriers,[57] where it is revealed his signature form is actually a shell that encases his true human form.[58] He soon makes his way to the room where Alma Karma is kept, where Wisely, Road (in her doll form), and Sheril are already keeping the members of the Order hostage.[59] Wisely had also managed to incapacitate Kanda.[60] As Kanda regains consciousness and is faced with memories of his childhood friend Alma Karma, the Earl becomes excited.[61]

Just as Sheril tells the Earl they are currently waiting for a few more guests, an Ark gate opens up beneath the coffin he is sitting on.[62] Suddenly, Allen and Tyki burst through the gate, and both land on top of the Earl.[63] The Earl quickly recovers and slams Allen to the ground,[64] telling him that as the creator of Akuma, they act as his feet, legs, and eyes; he knows Allen is the Fourteenth, claiming Allen called to him through a Level 4 Akuma.[65]

Despite Allen denial, the Fourteenth takes over his body, revealing his plan to kill the Earl in order to become the Earl of Millennium himself.[66] Allen soon manages to regain control of his body and knocks the Earl to the ground,[67] and when he, Tokusa, and Kanda attempt to escape, Sheril stops them.[68] The Earl then declares that Allen will not be returning to the Order and that this will be a party for his expulsion.[60] After Alma Karma awakens, the Earl watches the following battle unfold as he silently wills Allen to join him, as he wants to be close to the Fourteenth.[69]

After Kanda stabs Allen with his Innocence, the Earl is delighted, as it causes the Fourteenth to awaken within Allen;[70] In order for the Fourteenth to awaken the Earl needed Kanda to injure Allen with his Innocence, as the Noah can never forget their hatred towards Innocence.[71] He later whisks away the remaining Third Exorcists, planning to use them as his pawns.[72] As he takes his leave, the Earl tells Allen he will be back for him.[72]

Seed of Destruction Arc[]

After the battle, the Earl is back in his human form and had cried himself to sleep.[73] According to Road, he had been crying out of fear of meeting the Fourteenth.[73] Some time later, the Earl awakens after sensing the Fourteenth is in danger,[74] and he sends Tyki, Road, and the Third Exorcists to save and retrieve him,[75]

Searching For A.W. Arc[]


A crazed Earl attacking Allen with a balloon.

As Allen senses that Apochryphos is near, he makes a run for it and encounters the Earl in an alley.[76] The Earl blows up a balloon and attempts to crush Allen with it, all the while muttering Nea's name constantly.[77] When he eventually knocks Allen out, the Earl's face begins to come apart revealing his Noah form within. He mutters Nea's name once again while looking at the unconscious Allen.[78] At that moment, Johnny rushes in to save Allen, dragging his unconscious form away from the Earl. The sight causes a memory of Mana cradling Nea's body to flash into the Earl's mind,[79] and angrily demands to know who Johnny is before attacking him.[80]

At that moment, the Earl's and Allen's minds seem to link together as they share a memory of Nea standing over Mana's body, and the Earl approaching Katerina's dead body underneath Cornelia.[81] The Earl blames Mana for causing all the tragedy,[82] and claims that it is Mana who caused himself and Nea to kill each other.[83] The Earl of Millennium then sheds his outer shell and hugs Allen, who is again being controlled by the Fourteenth.[84] Nea reveals to the Earl that he is actually Mana and that they were not twins, but actually the Earl of Millennium himself split into two; they are ultimately two parts of one whole.[85]

After living their lives as brothers for seventeen years, Mana "devoured" Nea in order to fulfil his role as the Earl of Millennium, and destroy the "Heart".[5] The Earl cannot remember what Nea is talking about, and wonders why he keeps calling him Mana.[86] When Nea insists the Earl really is Mana, the Earl refuses to accept it.[87] However, Nea tells the Earl that even if he does not remember, as long as he can destroy him, it's fine.[88] The Earl continues to reject Nea's words, and at that moment, several members of the Black Order arrive and capture Allen with talismans.[89]

Allen, still under Nea's control, warns the Finders to run away, warning them that they would be devoured by the Earl.[90] Despite this, the Earl defeats them all and again approaches Allen, while reverting to his previous form.[91] The Earl again insists that he is not Mana, but claims to know where he is - a place from which he could never return.[92] Nevertheless, Nea still maintains the Earl is the same Mana who travelled with Allen.[93] Enraged, the Earl goes to attack Nea, before being interrupted by Howard Link, who saves both Allen and Johnny and binds the Earl with his spell.[94]

Link, however, is unable to keep the Earl bound, and the Earl falls into Wisely's embrace.[95] The Earl tearfully denies being Mana, before opening an Ark gate with the plan to head home.[96] Just before they disappear through the gate, Nea arrives,[97] and the Earl tearfully gazes at him, with his hand outstretched.[98] Nea smiles and stretches out his hand in turn, before the Earl and Wisely finally vanish into the Ark.[99]


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