D.Gray-man Encyclopedia

The Regent is a crown inlaid with precious stones. It is a French national treasure. It is exposed in the Louvre, Paris.


The crown is made from a circular plinth and eight branches that are mounted with. It is set with many gems.


The Regent was exhibited in the Louvre in Paris. One day the local thief Phantom G set hit sights on the treasure and sent a message to the police office indicating his plan to steal it. Inspector Galmar then went to the Louvre with his team and secured the area to stop the theft. However at midnight, G managed to sneak among them and snatched the crown before escaping through the window.

Kanda waylaid him but the policeman who retrieved the crown was possessed by G and tried to run away with it. He was stopped by Allen who managed to catch the crown just before it falls from the roof. Allen then gave it to Timcanpy who handed it over to Galmar.