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Please note that this is the article on the location itself, if you are looking for the article on Episode of the same name, or the Chapter of the same name then you should head to The Rewinding Town (Episode).

The Rewinding Town (巻き戻しの街, Makimodoshi no Machi) is an unnamed town located in Germany and the scene of the eponymous arc when Allen Walker is sent with Lenalee Lee to investigate about the recent mystery surrounding the city.

Landmarks and Architecture[]

The small city is surrounded by walls which are themselves surrounded by fields and the countryside making it a rather isolated place. The road leads to the entry of the town. The architecture is classic european style and we can find some coffees and a circus.


Someday Miranda Lotto, tied of losing all her jobs wished that tomorrow shall never come. This caused her clockwork Innocence to grant her wish by creating a time loop on this day, recreating the events of the day before again and again except for Miranda herself. This also created a barrier around the town which prevent anyone to enter it. Soon the Finders of the Black Order noticed the phenomenon and they sent two exorcists to investigate.

They were able to enter the town and not without difficulty managed with Miranda to restore the time in the town.

Known Inhabitants[]

  • Miranda Lotto (moved out)
  • Miranda's former employer
  • Miranda's former building caretaker
  • Children living next to Miranda's
  • Neighbour couple of Miranda.