D.Gray-man Encyclopedia

Major Battles[]

The purple is for anime only fights

  • Timothy (in Link's body) VS Allen Walker and Kanda Yu
  • Timothy VS Level 2 Akuma
  • Timothy VS Level 3 Akuma
  • Timothy Hearst VS Goushi
  • Timothy Hearst VS Level 2 Akumas



  • Allen is seen wearing the Thief G attire on a chapter cover[1] even though he is never fully controlled by Timothy. However, he was accidentally possessed by Timothy after Emilia kicked him onto Allen.[2]
  • Timothy explains, after asked by Allen and Lavi if he can possess Kanda, that he can only possess people who are off their guard. He demonstrates this, to Komui's annoyance, on Lenalee by squeezing her breasts.[3]
  • It's stated that Tsukikami has a different, heavier, accent than Timothy.[4]
  • Timothy is the second shortest known human character whose height has been revealed. (behind Lucia)
  • "Hearst" is actually the name of his orphanage. Exorcists need to have a last name so he chose it. His original last name is unknown.
  • Timothy burst into tears when he first saw Krory thinking he was a vampire. But now he thinks he is very cool.
  • Timothy's hobbies include teasing Emilia, prancing the Science Division members. He dislikes studying and weakness.[5]
  • Since Tsukikami is only visible to Timothy, there are few people who believe that he is real.[5]


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