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Tina Spark was an Exorcist from the Black Order and a member of the Black Order. She, Gwen Fail and Sol were in Klaud Nine's unit.


Tina Spark went to find and protect her General with her unit but their position were given to the Noah Tyki Mikk by Suman Dark. they met the forces of the Earl of Millennium and were killed. Her body, brought back to the headquarters showed no removal of organs unlike those of Socalo Unit.[1]


The corpse was cremated along with the other Exorcists in the Headquarters. Klaud Nine arrived at the European Branch later and mourned their death. She added that if may be better as of now, reduced to ashes, they won't have to bear the burden of being an Exorcist anymore.

Powers and Abilities[]


As an Exorcist she possessed an anti-Akuma weapon but it was neither showed nor named.


  • Given the state of her body and the number of exorcist medals Tyki had, it can be safely assumed that Tyki is not the one who killed her. This may be the work of another Noah or Akumas.



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