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Toraido [1] (トライド , Toraido) is the second apostle of Noah Family, representing the "Judge" (裁 , Sai ) of the Noah. His role is to make sure there are no betrayals within the Noah Family.[2] The name of his current reincarnation is unknown.


Toraido is a young, muscular man with umber skin and straight, messy, black hair.

He wears a white, low-cut shirt which leaves his collar bones, stomach, and arms uncovered. He also wears white trousers and white shoes, as well as a white band around his waist.


Not much is known about Toraido, however, he usually has a serious and stoic expression on his face.

Previous incarnations[]

First Toraido[]

Following the defeat of the Earl of Millennium against the heart wielder, Toraido and the eleven other Noah took refuge in the Noah's Ark to escape the great flood. Toraido became the parent of least one child, thus becoming one of the ancestors of Mankind. Their genes passed over to all humanity, allowing the memory to awaken in new humans throughout history.

Previous Toraido[]

Nothing is known about Toraido's past, but it seems that, like the rest of the Noah (except for Road and the Earl), he too was killed by The Fourteenth.


The Rewinding Town Arc[]

Toraido is presumably present among the shadowed silhouettes at the family meal.[3]

Artificial Exorcists Arc[]

Tryde and Jasdevi

Toraido with Jasdero and Devit.

Toraido and the rest of the Noah Family greet Wisely, who had just awakened as a Noah.

Two days later, Toraido, along with Jasdero and Devit, confronts Socalo Unit in Russia.[4] During the battle,Toraido simply stands in silence as Devit informs Socalo Unit that The Fourteenth has awakened within Allen.[5]


Natural abilities as a Noah: Like all Noahs, Toraido too has absolute command over all the Akuma, as well as destroying Innocence by simply touching it. All of his abilities, like other Noah, are based on Dark Matter. As a Noah, he is immune to the Akuma blood virus, which is normally fatal to humans.

Sword: Toraido has a very large weapon resembling a blade or a balance, but it is unknown what it does.[6]

Major Battles[]

  • Toraido, Devit and Jasdero VS Socalo Unit


  • Toraido's hobbies are observing nature and meditating.[1]
  • He likes spicy food.[1]
  • He dislikes talking, and betrayal.[1]
  • His duties as the 2nd Apostle are necessities to him.[1]
  • Besides the Earl, Toraido is seemingly the only Noah who carries a weapon.


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