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Tricia Kamelot (トリシア・キャメロット , Torishia Kyamerotto) is the wife of Sheril Kamelot and also the adoptive mother of Road and Wisely Kamelot. Not much is know about Tricia but it is shown that she is ill with an unknown sickness. She doesn't seem to be aware of the true nature of the other members of his family.


Tricia is shown to be a fair-haired woman with a pale complexion, and, in her scarce appearances, dressed conservatively in a long, Victorian-style dress.


Tricia is a kind and humble wife. She respects the wishes of not just her husband, but also of Tyki Mikk and the Earl, treating them both very respectfully and addresses them politely even though they are in the same family. She is, though, gentle but firm with her adoptive daughter, Road, physically removing Road from Tyki when the girl was tormenting him. Though she addressed the Earl of Millennium by his full title, it is not clear if she knows who her husband and his family are. While she seems to genuinely care for her family, Sheril sees her as nothing more than another piece of his false, picturesque life he has fashioned in order to amuse himself.


Nearly nothing is known about Tricia's past. She married Sheril at some point of her life and following her husband's wishes she adopted Road as her daughter.

Though she does not seem to be terminal, Sheril describes Tricia as being "in poor health", and she does not seem surprised when people note that she doesn't look well, indicating that Tricia has some sort of illness.


Invasion of the Black Order arc[]

Tricia is briefly seen as she takes a stroll with her daughter Road and their dog during a meeting with the Earl of Millennium.[1] She picks of flowers with her daughter and put them in a basket. She interferes when Road hits Tyki when he implies that he wants to cut his hair and tells Road not to be rude with her uncle.[2] She quickly leaves after Tyki notes that she doesn't look to well and should rest and Sheril looks after Road. After excusing herself and welcoming the Earl to stay as long as he likes, she heads off to bed while the earl wishes her to rest well.[3]

Artificial Exorcists Arc[]

Though she is not seen at that time, Wisely is introduced to his new family (who are fishing) before the attack on the North American Branch. Tricia presumably welcomes her new son afterwards. [4]


  • Due to Hallow's skip of the Komuvitan Arc and the adapted end of the 2006 anime, Tricia never appeared in any of the anime adaptations.
  • Like her husband, her exact nationality is unknown.


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