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Tup Dop (タップ・ドップ, Tappu Doppu) was a member of the Science Department of the European Branch of the Black Order. He was the best friend of Johnny Gill.


He is slightly large and has a tuft of hair on his head. In the beginning, he had bandages covering his eyes, but he has also been seen with a hat covering his eyes. In the anime, only one of his eyes are covered.


Like other members of the Order's Science Department, he is quite lazy and does his best to avoid paperwork. He is good friends with Johnny Gill and is generally well liked by everyone at Headquarters.

Personal Statistics[]

Sophistication 4
Humanity 3
Work Ability 3
Mental 3
Flexibility 3
Extra Statistics
Kindness 4


Introduction arc[]

Tup is introduced along with other science department members watching Allen's arrival.

Suman Dark's fallen arc[]

Tup is briefly seen when Lenalee calls Komui to talk about Suman's situation.

Invasion of the Headquarters arc[]

He is turned into a "Skull" during Lulu Bell's assault on headquarters. The Skulls add him to their numbers in an attempt to replace the members lost by Cross Marian after they dub Tup's brain as "worthy". Johnny and the others prevent the Skulls from taking Tup with them as they retreat - but there is nothing that can be done for him. He turns to dust and dies in Johnny's arms. Before dying he remembers a moment when he was overworked and tired and said "If I can sleep right now - I wouldn't mind not waking up the rest of my life..." His final words are "If I can live now... I wouldn't mind overworking the rest of my life..." after that he turns to dust leaving everyone heartbroken.[2]


Abilities and Skills[]

Scientific knowledge[]

Good brain: Tup was stated to have a "good brain" and thus to be able to become a skull.

Natural Skull Abilities: Though he didn't live to display them, Tup presumably gained the abilities of skulls including bullet resistance and magic mastery.


  • Tup likes making models and snacks and dislikes exercise.[3]


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