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The Aria of the Land and the Clear Skies (土翁と空夜のアリア, Tsuchi Okina to Kūya no Aria) is the second volume of the manga series that is written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.


Teen exorcist Allen Walker is given his first assignment, an his perilous mission takes him to Southern Italy, where an Innocence has been located. Along with fellow Exorcist Kanda, and Tom, a "finder"--one of a support group for exorcists--Allen must vanquish the akuma that covets the Innocence.[1]

Volume Illustration[]

The second volume features Yu Kanda on the cover.

Author's Note[]

English note[]

"A handmade Tincanpy made by a fan... Huh? It's already been caught"
—Katsura Hoshino

Japanese note[]

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  • The story of Old Man of the Land and Aria of the Night Sky is based on the Noh Play called "Koi no Omoni" (The Heavy Burden of Love). It's about an old man who falls in love with a young maiden.Template:Ref


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