D.Gray-man Encyclopedia

Little Goodbye (リトル グッバイ Ritoru Gubai) is the twenty-first volume of the D.Gray-Man manga series.

Chapters List[]


Fueled by his hatred of the Black Order, Alma transforms into an Akuma and obliterates the North American Branch. Meanwhile, the Alma Cells in all of the Third Exorcists turns them into monsters. Allen tries to stop an enraged Kanda from killing Alma, but he gets attacked by Kanda and stabbed by his Innocence in the process. As a result of this, the 14th Noah, Nea begins to awaken, but Mana's curse halts the transformation. Allen awakens to discover that Alma's soul is that of the woman Kanda loved. The dark matter inside of Alma begins to devour his soul, but Allen manages to use the Ark to transport Kanda and the dying Alma to Mater. Allen declares that he will not allow the Noah or the Black Order to interfere any longer.