D.Gray-man Encyclopedia

He Has forgotten Love (彼は愛を忘れている, Kare wa ai o wasurete iru) is the twenty-fifth volume of "D.Gray-man (Manga)" manga series.

Chapter list[]

219th Night: Searching for A.W. - He Has Forgotten Love

220th Night.:Searching for A.W. - He Closes His Eyes Within The Whirlpool

221st Night: Searching for A.W. - The Clown's Joke

222nd Night: Searching for A.W. - Hypokrisis


While Wisely talks with Road about Nea's future, the interested finally awakes in Allen's body and confronts the Earl of Millennium. The Earl falls in his brother's embrace before the latter makes a shocking reveal. A flashback of their childhood ensues. Meanwhile Link is in the surrounding area still looking for Allen.