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Secrets and Remains (秘密と亡骸, himitsu to nakigara) is volume 26 of the "D.Gray-man" manga series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.

Chapter List[]

223th Night: Searching for A.W. - To My Way

224th Night: Visiting A.W. - CALL 1

225th Night: Visiting A.W. - CALL 2

226th Night: Searching for A.W. - Live Man + Dead Man

227th Night: Saying Goodbye to A.W. - Secrets and Remains

228th Night: Saying Goodbye to A.W. - Poison and Guide

229th Night: Saying Goodbye to A.W. - Concealment and Confidant

230th Night: Saying Goodbye to A.W. - Torchlight and Tearstains


Tyki Mikk appears in front of Nea who was facing Link! Nea gives meaningful words to Tyki who departs with the Earl of Millennium. Besides, Allen regains consciousness with Johnny 's shout, but is immediately caught by Kanda and Tiedoll!