D.Gray-man Encyclopedia

The Rewinding Town (巻き戻しの街, Makimodoshi no Machi) is the third volume of the D.Gray-Man manga series.

Chapter List[]


Allen and Exorcist Lenalee Lee investigate a "Rewinding City" where time repeats, causing the events of a single day to replay endlessly. In the city, they meet Miranda Lotto, the only resident able to notice the strange occurrences and whose clock may be the Innocence causing them. Allen and Lenalee try to stop the time from repeating, but encounter several level two Akuma and a human girl who works with them, Road Kamelot of the Noah Family. After Lenalee is knocked unconscious and Allen loses his left eye, the Innocence in her clock appears to Miranda, allowing her to reverse time and events for a short while. Able to fight once more, Lenalee and Allen destroy the Akuma, and Road disappears, vowing to meet them again. With the natural flow of time restored, Miranda joins the Black Order.