D.Gray-man Encyclopedia

The General's Emergency (元帥の危急, Gensui no Kikyū) is the fourth volume of the D.GrayMan manga series.

Chapters List[]


While recovering from his last mission, Allen meets Bookman, the chronicler of the war between the Black Order and the Earl of Millennium, and his successor Lavi. Allen is told about the Heart of Innocence, a special Innocence that could win the war for the Black Order, and how the Earl has begun his search by attacking the Generals of the Black Order. Allen, Lenalee, Lavi, and Bookman are sent to search for and protect General Cross. While attempting to locate Cross, Allen and Lavi meet Arystar Krory, a vampire who once encountered the General. Due to the Innocence in his teeth, Krory drinks the blood of Akuma, namely Eliade, an Akuma in disguise that Krory has fallen in love with. Refusing to admit that Krory is an Exorcist, Eliade attempts to kill Allen and Lavi to keep Krory at her side.