D.Gray-man Encyclopedia

Destroyer of Time (時の破壊者, Toki no Hakaisha) is the seventh volume of the D.Gray-Man manga series.

Chapters List[]


Lenalee and Lavi search for Allen, but find nothing before they are called back to the ship. Sammo Han Wong from the Asia Branch of the Black Order informs them that Allen cannot continue traveling with them and introduces his replacement, Miranda Lotto, who uses her Innocence to repair the ship long enough to complete the trip to Edo. As they continue their voyage, Allen wakes up in the Asia Branch. When told he cannot continue living as an Exorcist, he pleads with the branch director Bak Chang to help him continue to be an Exorcist. Bak tells him his Innocence has not been destroyed and can be restored. As Allen repeatedly attempts to do so, the search party is attacked by a level three Akuma.