D.Gray-man Encyclopedia

The Message (メッセージ Messēji) is the eighth volume of the D.Gray-Man manga series.


  • 67th Night: Unknown Phenomenon (不明現象 Fumei Genshou)
  • 68th Night: The Sinking Darkness (沈む黒 Shizumu Kuro)
  • 69th Night: When the World Ends (世界が滅ぶということ Sekai ga Horobu to iu Koto)
  • 70th Night: Counterattack (反撃 Hangeki)
  • 71th Night:The Price of Destruction The Price of Destruction (破壊の代価 Hakai no Daika)
  • 72th Night:Disappearing from the Sea (そして海から消えて Soshite Umi Kara Kiete)
  • 73th Night: Crimson Snow Crimson Snow
  • 74th Night:Ship in Ruins, Girl Missing (船斑ぎ少女戻らず Fune Modorogi Shoujo Modorazu)
  • 75th Night: Message メッセージ Messeeji)
  • 76th Night: The Lost Released (亡失解除 Rosuto Kaijo)


Lenalee battles the Akuma by herself and learns she is not powerful enough to defeat it. By using a maximum invocation of her Innocence and drawing out all of its power, she manages to defeat it, vanishing into the sea in the process. As Lavi searches for her, he encounters an Akuma carrying a large crystal. After realizing the Akuma is an ally and the crystal is Lenalee's Innocence protecting her, they return to the ship, where the Exorcists speculate that Lenalee might possess the Heart of Innocence. The Akuma, modified by Cross to obey him, tells the search party to turn back. Before they can answer, the crystal disappears and releases Lenalee, who says they must continue. Because of Miranda's exhaustion, she cannot maintain the ship the Exorcists continue without Anita and her crew, who vanish into the sea.