D.Gray-man Encyclopedia

Our Hope (僕らの希望, Bokura no kibō) is the ninth volume of the D.Gray-Man manga series.


  • 77nd Night: Nightmare Paradise (ナイトメア·パラダイス Naitomea Paradaisu)
  • 78nd Night: Message from judge (メッセージ フロム ジャッチ Messeeji Furomu Jacchi)
  • 79nd Night: Battle·Edo + China (対戦·江戸+中国 Taisen, Edo + Chuugoku)
  • 80nd Night: White Confusion (困惑の白 Konwaku no Shiro)
  • 81nd Night: Our Hope (僕らの希望 Bokura no Kibou)
  • 82nd Night: And Then Allen Walked On (そしてアレンは歩いていった Soshite Aren wa Aruite Itta)
  • 83nd Night: Two Paths and Thorns In between (道と道 その間は棘 Michi to Michi, Sono Aida wa Ibara)
  • 84nd Night: Together With You (キミと共に Kimi to Tomo ni)
  • 85nd Night: To Enact Love During the Play (その劇中でアイを演じる Sono Gekichuu de Ai wo Enjiru)
  • 86nd Night: Around the Time You Fall Asleep (そして眠りにつく頃に Soshite Nemuri ni Tsuku Koro ni)


The group arrives in the Earl-controlled Edo. Meanwhile, Tyki, Skinn Bolic, Devit, and Jasdero, all of the Noah Family, meet the Earl upon Noah's Ark to discuss the current situation as Road assists in building new Ark. The Earl summons all the Akuma in Japan to one location, and Tyki orders one to use the Ark to travel to China and kill Allen. Although they are at a disadvantage in terms of numbers, the Exorcists launch an attack on the Earl. In China, the Akuma attacks the defenseless Allen, who has not managed to reconstruct his Innocence. For, disguised as Allen, battles the Akuma to buy time. After Allen convinces Bak to let him fight, a new form of his Innocence, later dubbed Crown Clown, materializes. Allen defeats the Akuma with Crown Clown, and takes the Ark to Edo as Kanda and his team enter the battlefield.