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They were just a bunch of loser dogs. I have nothing to say to them.
— Socalo about his disciples who fell on the battlefield

Winters Socalo (ウィンターズ・ソカロ, Wintāzu Sokaro) is an Exorcist General of the European Branch of the Black Order. He is the leader of the Socalo Unit and the master of Arystar Krory. He is a former death-row inmate.


Winters is a very tall man who wears a hard leather (almost metal-like) mask over his head. His Exorcist uniform is heavy, fit SWAT-like clothes with nothing but the crest and two gold stripes to mark him as a member of the Black Order. His Anti-Akuma weapon sits on his shoulders in two spiked rings. When his mask is removed, Winters is revealed to be dark-skinned and has spiked hair and sharp teeth and a black scar or tattoo across his nose, just beneath his white eyes, though he does not seem to be blind. His hair implantation is quite peculiar, He has a high forehead and each spike of hair follows the trend of the remaining hair on his forehead that have a zigzag shape. He also wears a pair of gold and red earrings. When not clothed, it is seen that his body is hugely scarred all over the torso. Considering his features and his origin country he may have Aztec roots.


Winters is a harsh man. Unlike the other generals, he seems to have little regard for his Exorcist team (consisting of Kazana Reed, Chalker Laboun, and Suman Dark, all of whom are eventually killed by Tyki Mikk). Winters displays a sadistic love of battle and shows an unsettling joy while he is killing. He shows very little compassion for others.[1] His style of combat is reckless and berserk like an unleashed animal and intimidates even his fellow Exorcists. He appears to be a very pragmatic man, having no qualms to perform ruthless actions like endangering Miranda's life or killing Kiredori to complete his mission.

Winters has murderous impulses, the mask he wears is designed to suppress those impulses. Winters dislikes rules. [2]

Personal Statistics[]

Statistics Previous[3] Current[2]
Sophistication 4 4
Humanity 1 1
Combat Ability 5 5
Mental 4 5
Flexibility 3 5
Extra Statistics
Vigour 5 5


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