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Abilities and Powers

Powers and Abilities[]

Swordsmanship: Though the extent of his knowledge and mastery is vague at best, Winters' Innocence makes him inclined to being skilled with swords.


Winters Sokaro - Madness

Winters Socalo's Innocence, Madness.

Madness (神狂い(マドネス), Madonesu): Winters Innocence is an Equipment-type Anti-Akuma Weapon. When not invoked, it appears as two spiked half-rings attached to his shoulders. When Winters invokes his Innocence, he slides the rings down his arms and claps his hands together, creating a complete circle. When the circle is complete, two enormous blades materialize on either side of the ring. Winters uses Madness as a powerful, close-combat Anti-Akuma weapon, usually by spinning the blades at high speed, creating a massive buzz saw. He is seen capable of defeating a giant akuma and could take down a Level 3 without much trouble. He relishes the fight and displays extreme blood-lust during battle.

  • Cremation Dance (火葬舞(デデルーパ),[1] Dederūpa): Winters spins the blades at a very high speed (causing them to be superheated) and throws them at his enemies, melting and slicing them. [2]


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