D.Gray-man Encyclopedia

Major Battles[]

  • Winters Socalo and other Generals VS Level 3 and Giant Akumas
  • Winters Socalo and other Generals VS Lulu Bell
  • Winters Socalo and his team VS Jasdevi and Toraido
  • Winters Socalo VS Kiredori
  • Winters Socalo, Exorcists and CROWs VS Level 2, 3 and Giant Akumas, Madarao, Tokusa and Tewaku (anime only)
  • Winters Socalo VS Madarao (anime only)



  • Socalo likes excitment killing, things that are good for killing and animals and dislikes rules and alarm clocks.[1] His hobbies include bodybuilding and sleeping.[2]
  • Socalo placed 78th in the first popularity poll despite not having been featured in the manga until the issue in which the results were released.
  • Socalo is the second tallest human character in the series. (behind Goushi)


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