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Abilities and Powers

Abilities and Powers[]

Natural abilities as a Noah: As a Noah, Wisely has absolute command over all the Akuma, as well as destroying Innocence by simply touching it. All of his abilities, like other Noah, are based on Dark Matter. As a Noah, he is immune to the Akuma blood virus, which is normally fatal to the human's touch. like all Noah, Wisely's physical capacities are enhanced however as he calls himself "not a fighter" he appears to have relatively low strength compared to other Noahs.

Demon Eye (魔眼, Magan): The Demon eye is the special power of Wisely. It appears as 3 additional eyes on his forehead that replace the three middle stigma. the middle one is bigger.

Wisely's awakening

Wisely's Demon Eye

  • Mind Reading: Wisely has the ability to read people's minds[1] He can casually read surface thoughts of people around him. When targeting someone he is able to penetrate their deeper consciousness and even subconscious. It has been noted that this has the side effect of causing headaches to Wiselys of all generations.
  • Mind Manipulation: In addition to the reading , Wisely is able to directly influence people's brain. he can "crush" their heads by his mere will .It first caused their eyes to bleed before the brain itself implodes. [2] He can also project memories and other images into people for observation. An eye similar to the one on his forehead appears on his target foreheads while doing so.This may cause the victims to lose themselves into the memories or others and to live again painful experiences. The effect depends on the psyche of the person. [3] He can also instill dreams of his choice in his victim's mind. This ability may require eye contact but this has not been confirmed nor denied.  [4]
  • Mind Investigation: Wisely can also use the Demon eye to contact other Noah members, as he was able to contact Road. He can reach as far as other dimensions[5] He seems to be able to spot all his fellow noah wherever they are as he tells Allen. He was also able to locate the earl in London.


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