D.Gray-man Encyclopedia

Major Battles[]

  • Wisely Kamelot VS Yu Kanda
  • Wisely Kamelot VS Tewaku and Finders



  • Wisely's age, adoption into the Kamelot household, and epithet of "Demon Eye" are revealed in the omake on Volume 19's inner cover. It also shows that Wisely has a pet frog named "Gamako".
  • Like the previous generations of Noah who bore the Demon Eye, Wisely is prone to headaches,[1] therefore one of his necessities is medicine prescribed to him by the Earl.[2]
  • Hoshino has admitted that Wisely might be her favorite Noah (barring the Earl), calling him "lively"[3]
  • Wisely loves the Earl's homemade hamburgers and he hates parties.[4]
  • Wisely's name comes from "wise", directly referencing his representation.
  • Wisely has a tendency to call his fellow Noah by their Noah name rather than their human name, even his adoptive father.
  • Wisely's hobbies include peeking into other people’s minds, digging through the trash, and sleeping.[5]
  • He likes basking in the sun, the Millennium Earl, eating food and then sleeping immediately after, fishing with Tyki, and Gamako.[6]
  • He dislikes baths, brushing his teeth, haircuts, table manners, and exercise.[7]


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