D.Gray-man Encyclopedia

The Wizard Akuma is a level 2 Akuma sent in Paris to capture Timothy Hearst. She is one of the antagonists of the Phantom Thief G Arc.


Wizard akuma human

The Wizard Akuma in human form.

This akuma seems to be essentially made with bands and ribbons. She is completelly covered with blue cloth and has a wizard hat which gives her a general arabian nights vibe. At the end of the chappeau is a ball and on it is her mouth. Under the hat we can see her big red eye with the pentacle in the middle which is the source of her power.

Her human appearance is that of a young lady with a long dress and a fair hair bun.


She is particularly sadistic even for an akuma, doing such things as attacking her human allies just for fun and ruthlessly crushing them.


Phantom Thief G Arc[]

When the nun broker calls the Earl to inform him about Timothy, He, a level 4, and 2 level 2 supported by Skulls are sent to the orphanage. While the level 4 attacks from the roof they enter the dimension by the main door. 

The children and the Reverend Mother go downstairs to be safe but the wizard akuma is waiting for them and he uses his power to transform them into puppets. Timothy goes to his friends but he is caught by a traitor nun. The wizard akuma decides to use her power on the nun who falls immobile on the ground before explaining her power to both Link and the nun. She then proceeds to stomp on her. The nun protests, claiming that they are allies but the akuma doesn't listen and replies she can help her by being her meal before mercilessly crushing her head. She starts to leave so Howard Link takes advantage of that to attack but the two other akuma protect her. Following his fight with the two, Link causes a big explosion.

Unfortunately Link took more than 10 second to perform his spell and the akuma managed to make a puppet out of him. She kicks Link away . When Emilia Galmar is about to get killed, Timothy possesses her body with his Innocence. Later when Timothy leaves her body to take control of the level 3, she is destroyed and purified by the innocence.

Abilities and Power[]

Natural akuma abilities

Magic Eye: She has a a magicunique eye that how the power to turn into puppet everyone he glares at for 10 seconds.