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Yossy (ヨッシー, Yosshī) is a recurring caricature in the D.Gray-man series, present in various, humorous situations and noticed only by the readers, save his image imprinted on Komui Lee's coffee mug, which members of the Black Order use to identify it as his.


Yossy is a pink, upright-standing rabbit. He has bits of white fluff below each of his eyes, and he is always sticking his tongue out of his mouth. Occasionally, he will be shown wearing clothes, and at times there will be more than one of him, typically when one of the manga characters "falls in love" with another character upon seeing them for the first time.

Development History[]

Yossy originally appeared in a different manga; an unnamed one-shot. Hoshino, though, liked him enough to draw him into other works, such as D.Gray-man[1].


Yossy is always present on Komui Lee's coffee mug, and, indeed, it was when Komui was first introduced that Yossy was first seen in the story, itself[2]. Since then, he has been a constant presence on Komui's mug, members of the Science Division even using the caricature to identify the mug as belonging to Komui.

He also tends to appear when supporting characters "fall in love" with main characters at first sight, such as the case was when Rohfa first met Allen Walker[3]. During such encounters, he seems to act as a demented Cupid, wearing a trench coat, hat and glasses and wielding a gun he uses to shoot a Yossy look-alike in the head, alluding to a sort of "shot through the heart" or, in less flowery wording, sudden onset emotion.

The Rabbit Akuma may be based on Yossy, following the intention of the author from Volume 3.


  • Yossy is actually a humorous stab at Hoshino's editor, Kouji Yoshida, made largely for the sake of annoying him[4].
  • In the first popularity poll, Yossy ranked in at the 20th place with sixty-two votes[5], 24th in the second with ninety-four votes and 19th in the third poll with forty-nine votes.


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