D.Gray-man Encyclopedia

Major Battles[]

The purple is for anime only fights

  • Yu Kanda VS Alma Karma(Multiple times)
  • Yu Kanda VS Alma Karma(To death)
  • Yu Kanda VS Angela
  • Yu Kanda VS Allen Walker
  • Yu Kanda and Allen VS Pierrot
  • Yu Kanda and Lavi VS enhanced Level 2
  • Yu Kanda VS Vittorio
  • Yu Kanda, Daisya and Marie VS Akuma
  • Yu Kanda VS Tyki Mikk
  • Yu Kanda and Marie VS Akuma 3.5
  • Yu Kanda VS Skinn Bolic
  • Yu Kanda and Lavi (without Innocence) VS Level 4
  • Yu Kanda Vs Phantom G
  • Yu Kanda VS Link (Phantom G)
  • Yu Kanda and Marie VS Level 4
  • Yu Kanda and Allen VS Level 4
  • Yu Kanda VS Bookman (training)
  • Yu Kanda VS Wisely
  • Yu Kanda VS Alma Karma VS Allen
  • Yu Kanda VS CROWS
  • Yu Kanda VS Akuma
  • Yu Kanda VS Apocryphos


  • (To Allen): "You're naive. We're destroyers, not saviours."
  • (To Allen): "There are sacrifices that must be made, rookie"
  • (To Skinn): "I hate sweets"
  • (To Alma): "This world is dark and it's so hard to breathe... but in this instant, when I laughed along with you, I felt that breathing just got a little more easier."
  • (in the ark): "I said I'd kill him. Now get lost. Or should I start with you guys first?"
  • (To Lenalee and Marie): "What? No "Welcome back for me?"
  • (To Zuu Mei): "Well... you're also going to hell then"


  • Kanda's hobbies are gardening, training, meditation, camping in the forest, winning at freestyle sparring, and making soba.[1][2]
  • He likes soba, cutting things in half, and fair fights.[1][2]
  • He dislikes crowds, the blue sky, naive people, and CROWs.[1][2]
  • Kanda's favourite foods are soba noodles, tempura, pumpkins, green pepper, and lotus root.[1][3]
  • His last moments with Alma are essential to him.[2]
  • Kanda's favourite saying is "Always keep your word".[4]
  • Kanda's manifesto would be:
1. Remove all whiny employees and Exorcists at the Order.
2. Stop production of all of the Science Division products that cause problems.
3. Strengthen the Order's soba menu in the cafeteria.[5]
  • According to Lavi, one of Kanda's hobbies is sparring with Bookman.[6]
  • Kanda has 2.0 eyesight.[6]
  • According to Lavi, one of Kanda's strengths is his powers of concentration.[6]
  • Kanda's weakness, according to Allen, is his short temper.[6]
  • Kanda's favourite colour is red.[6]
  • According to Lavi, Kanda relieves stress by drawing Mugen.[6]
  • Something that Kanda does without fail each morning is muscle training.[6]
  • Kanda feels most at ease in the training dojo, where he meditates.[6]
  • Lavi reveals that he isn't sure about the type of women Kanda likes because he tends to treat men and women the same.[7]
  • He usually gets up at 4am and goes to bed at 10pm.[7]
  • According to Allen, Kanda prefers alcohol to sweets, pointing out that he doesn't seem to like sweet things at all.[7]
  • Kanda usually drinks Japanese green tea.[7]
  • Kanda always eats tempura soba before missions.[7]
  • Allen believes that the happiest moment for Kanda was being able to reconcile with Alma.[7]
  • When he can't sleep, Kanda tends to train—Lavi has seen him doing sit ups during the night and Allen has seen him practice his swing on the grass outside.[7]
  • According to Allen, Kanda has no material wishes aside from soba-related things. Similarly, Lavi believes he may not interested in money.[7]
  • When it comes to uniform design, Kanda doesn't need any extras.[7]
  • He always needs to take a hair tie on missions, because if his hair isn't tied up, he can't seem to concentrate.[7]
  • Kanda doesn't mind what kind of hair tie he uses, even if it's a ribbon. He also often uses Lenalee's hair ties.[8]
  • According to Marie, Kanda smells like soap.[9]
  • Kanda is ambidextrous.[10]
  • Hoshino notes that Kanda is the dumbest out of the four, behind Allen, Lavi, and Lenalee.[11]
  • Hoshino's comments on Kanda's profile that it's "not easy drawing beautiful people".[12]
  • Kanda placed 2nd in the first official popularity poll.[13] 1st in the second[14] and then 2nd again in the third. And in the fourth he became 1st again, beating Allen.[15]
  • It is implied that Kanda cannot swim.[16]
  • In one of the Discussion Rooms, it is noted that Kanda washes his hair with soap.[17]
  • According to D.Gray-Man Reverse, vol. 3, Kanda's first kiss was with Gigi when Kanda was thirteen (physically; chronologically three) and Gigi was drunk.
  • Mugen was reforged by Zuu Mei Chang after it was broken into pieces during Kanda's fight with Skinn Bolic.[18]
  • When he was born, Yu had no surname. He was given "Kanda" because he was born in the “Mitoshiro World”: a rice paddy from which rice is offered to the gods... “Kanda” holds the same meaning. Since a last name is required to enter the Order, he was given the name "Yu Kanda", and because of what happened in his past, he doesn't want to be called "Yu" by anyone but Alma.[19][8]
  • Kanda used to secretly drink tequila at the order. He once was seen by Lenalee so she wanted to try but she got knocked out.[20]
  • According to Reever and Lenalee, Kanda is a dog person.[21]
  • According to Katsura Hoshino, Kanda's image-color is navy blue.[8]
  • Kanda is the type of person that "says things with his eyes".[8]
  • When Kanda needs paper to write on, he'll just rip pages from Lenalee's or Alma's notebooks. Also, he tends to write on his hand, or whatever is closest, be it paper, a wall, or a table. He would use a Tombow oil-based pressurised ballpen, Airpress, which is ideal for Kanda because it's sturdy, and he writes quickly.[22]


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