D.Gray-man Encyclopedia

Zuu Mei Chang's Manor is the residence Zuu Mei Chang used to live in when he worked in Central.


This is an immense european-styled mansion located in the countryside. It seems surrounded by fields and behind it we can find a lake with waterlillies. Inside there are several large rooms. one of those is a room with a beg. It is adorned with cozy carpets. There are shelves and a big looking-glass. Another room has a woodene table in the middle of it and an armchair.


Zuu used to live here during his years in Central. He seemingly either bought it or earned it with his relations. When he retired and returned to the Asian Branch, he used the mansion to store his documents. When Howard Link was fatally injured by Apocryphos, Inspector Lvellie asked Zu to save Link's Zu with his magic. To do so they brought him to the mansion and let him rest in a bed where Zu practiced the ritual.

Link woke up 20 days laters and were explained the situation. He was given tools by Malcolm C. Lvellie and left for his new mission.

Known Inhabitants[]